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Usage & Application

Our Facial Recognition system can be applied over a wide range of Industry Sectors, delivering efficient, rapid and measurable results. Face Guard are able to integrate with existing systems or new commissions, delivering I4.0 technology, that will remain market leading , through our research, innovation and implementation.


Enabling the Leisure industry to welcome their guests, providing a safe and secure experience from entry to carriages.

Large Sports Venues & Arena

Stadiums are able to control access using turnstiles. However they are vulnerable to exploitation. Tickets can be resold, season tickets are shared. Face Guard have a unique solution to eliminate this behavior and loss of revenue. Providing the venue with accurate attendance metrics, on every event and reducing potential security threats.


Staff and visitors alike can gain quick access to their office building and floors once enrolled. Removing the requirement for key fobs, access cards and traditional keys. Access can be tracked and statistics reviewed.


Hospitals, surgeries and care facilities can now be protected from unwanted visitors and secure sensitive areas for approved staff only.


Nurseries, Schools, Colleges & Universities can now ensure access to their venue is only given to personnel, students and approved visiting guests.

Facial Recognition Access Control Data Storage