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With our comprehensive range of security products and services, Face Guard look forward to designing a solution to match your requirements and offer innovate ideas to future proof your installation. By adopting I4.0 principles and using the latest IOT technologies, you can be assured that you’re receiving the very best of service, at all times.

Thermal Camera

Face Guard offer the latest thermal camera technology and access control system. Our Bio-threat safeguarding solution delivers highly accurate body temperature measurements, to within +/- 0.3.C

The camera features a built in algorithm for multi-person measurements, up to a distance of 3m with a capacity of 30 people at the same time, enabling fast, no contact and efficient results for controlled access.

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Closed-circuit Television design, installation and support is our business. Covering a wide range of requirements over both domestic and commercial applications, we can tailor a system to suit your needs and budget.

Our approach is simple, we consult, design and install systems to be handed over to our clients with comprehensive training, or if you’d prefer, we offer full systems management and support.

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Facial Recognition

Face Guard have developed an ‘All Inclusive’ Bio-metric Access Control system, with enhanced monitoring and protection. Our system accuracy is considered industry leading and our commitment to research and development enables us to innovate and deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients.

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Access Control

Controlled access is only the start. From digital locks to Bio-Metric security, we offer easily installed units for domestic and commercial use, improving security and control. By using our iOS and Android registration App, users download and enroll their details to gain entry to their venue. Once their registration has been approved by the venue Operator, access can be granted within 3 seconds.

Data Storage

For an increasing number of clients, long-term data storage and monitoring is essential in protecting their businesses against slips, trips and falls claims. Our data centres handle data storage and monitoring, to comply with UK legislation and requirements.

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Facial Recognition Access Control Data Storage