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Facial Recognition

Faceguard have developed a fully integrated access control system using facial recognition. We are able to offer a downloadable App for our clients to enroll and approve personnel, members or guests. Once enrolled, our CCTV system can identify approved users and allow them access to controlled areas, such as turnstiles, doorways, lifts and vaults.

Our App is free to download from both App and Play stores, ensuring 100% coverage. We also offer a ‘white-label’ package that may suit your requirements.

The App:

The Unit:

Once enrolled, your Members of Staff, Guests or Suppliers can present themselves to the unit and be immediately approved for access to the building. Access schedules can be applied, dependent on requirements.

Our Facial Recognition Access Control Unit does away with access cards, key fobs, passwords / numbers. Once enrolled, there are no poor touch, inaccurate, fumbling, memory loss or stress issues. If you’ve been enrolled, you’re in.

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